Jersey53 brand

The Jersey53 company has more than 50,000 sqft production area within three production sites in the Czech Republic, Europe and enjoys global growth thanks to its team of more than 180 dedicated employees. You can find our products in 20 countries.

Our product development team is constantly working on new products, special cuts, and the overall design and features of sportswear and fan items across the wide range of sports.

We can proudly say that from a small scale company back in 2004 producing the jerseys for few ice hockey teams we have managed to grow into a brand worn by National Teams across all sports and continents.

Our story

Every business has its people and stories behind. Even though our real USA story and journey started in 2020 the seed was planted 10 years when Jakub became the Jersey 53 representative for Baseball and Softball in Western Europe.

The time flew by, the brand has grown into one of the market leaders in the region and one day in 2018 Zdenek (visiting from New York) met Jakub on the baseball game in the beautiful city of Prague. Amazed by the product quality he had no idea who is the guy next to him. Yes, it was Jakub who told the story about the brand, production on the high tech printers, laser cutters, and the nearly unlimited options on the sports apparel production. They stayed in touch ever since and based on the feedback from Baseball (in Nashville) and Hockey (in Minneapolis) convention in the Spring they decided to bring the quality of Jersey53 custom made sportswear to the United States.


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