These “Privacy Policy” will answer your questions about what information we collect and how we use it (the “Privacy Policy”). We also included in this document how you can prevent the collection or sharing of your personal data.  We are aware of the importance of privacy and privacy of our customers and therefore, in keeping and processing your personal data, we proceed in accordance with the applicable laws on personal data protection and also in compliance with the Electronic Communications Act and the relevant provisions of the Civil Code.

Jersey53 Australia is committed to providing quality services to you and this policy outlines our ongoing obligations to you in respect of how we manage your Personal Information.
We have adopted the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Privacy Act). The NPPs govern the way in which we collect, use, disclose, store, secure and dispose of your Personal Information. A copy of the Australian Privacy Principles may be obtained from the website of The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at

Handling personal information

The Personal Data Manager,  Jersey53 Australia, (seller of ELSA’S TEXTILE s.r.o., ID: 02323095, registered office at U Stadionu 1139/14, 683 01 Rousínov), hereby authorizes you,  in accordance with the provisions of Article 13 of Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council April 27, 2016, of the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, hereafter referred to as “the Regulation”, inform that:

Your personal data will be processed pursuant to Article 6 of the Regulation –

1. for the fulfillment of our contractual obligations to which we have committed to you
• for example, for the delivery of your ordered goods as it is a performance of a concluded purchase agreement between you and our company,

2. to fulfill our statutory obligations,
• for example, for the purpose of providing data to state authorities, for the purposes of tax records and fulfillment of tax and accounting obligations at all,

3. Due to the legitimate interests of our company,
• Among the legitimate interests of our company are especially the so-called conventional direct marketing and the sending of business communications about our services to our customers, fraud prevention and/or protection against the misuse of our services

4. and also based on your consent, if you have been granted your registration in our e-shop.


What information do we collect and how do we use them?


Sensitive Information

Sensitive information is defined in the Privacy Act to include information or opinion about such things as an individual’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, membership of a political association, religious or philosophical beliefs, membership of a trade union or other professional body, criminal record or health information.

Sensitive information will be used by us only:

  •       For the primary purpose for which it was obtained
  •       For a secondary purpose that is directly related to the primary purpose
  •      With your consent, or where required or authorized by law

We also collect information about your visits to the website. These are information about the connection provider, the browser type, the operating system, the pages you visited, and the dates and times of access. We use this information to improve our electronic presentation. At the same time, we also record the location of your site. For the purpose of statistically evaluating the visibility of our website, third-party tools are tracked and stored for statistical evaluation of traffic. These are Google Analytics and tools provided by Sklik and Facebook Analytics.

In order to better assist our customers in possible website collisions during browsing, we also use Smartlook services, which temporarily record (3 days) the movement of the mouse pointer and the customer’s behavior on the individual pages of in short sections. Thanks to this movement, we are able to detect non-functional forms, remove imperfections in displaying content, and improve its overall deployment. The result is customized, well-readable content for the customer. The content of the upload is not a customer’s behavior other than that which takes place within a website. More about collected data, upload content and personal data security within Smartlook here. If you do not want your behavior to be monitored, simply unsubscribe through this link.

Personal data is further recorded by the Internet connectivity provider and the hosting service provider of this server. These data are recorded on their own responsibility,
subject to confidentiality rules. Information about visitors to this server may be made accessible only if the law is imposed by law and only to the extent that the law imposes.

Where are personal data stored? The user’s personal data is stored centrally on servers located in the territory of the Czech Republic, which is a member of the European Union. Thus, the data does not leave or are stored outside the European Union in any way. Servers, where data is stored, are located in the data center of 3solutions, s.r.o. More information about the company here.

Personal data processing and archiving also occur when registering within an e-shop and creating an order for goods.

From your personal data We only record your name and login email when registering in our e-shop; In the case of orders, your contact address, or billing address, and phone number; the self-employed person will be the first and last name, ID, VAT number (if assigned), business address, telephone number, and email, and depending on the payment method chosen, it may also be a payment information (bank account number or credit card number ). This information is used only for the purpose of logging in to your account or managing your orders (purchase of goods) without which they would not be dispatched and delivered. We keep this data for a maximum of ten years.

Jersey53 Australia does not itself record or store any payment information. To receive payment, uses third-party services. In the case of a custom order (not through an e-shop), the billing information provided by you is subject to all due security and confidentiality. You do not have to worry that your sensitive data would get out of Jersey53.

Data will be provided for as long as the purpose for which it was provided has been fulfilled in the case of registration in our e-shop for the duration of this registration. We process your personal data for a maximum of 10 years from the date of delivery, after which time your data will be erased without further notice unless you request the renewal of your registration.

Users can change their personal information at any time or request a deletion from the database.

You have the right to request from our company access to your personal data, their correction or deletion, or limitation of processing, you also have the right to transfer these data to another administrator, as well as the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Office if you have that the Administrator in the processing of personal data is in breach of the Regulation.

If your personal data is processed on your consent, you can revoke it at any time.

Furthermore, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data if it is for purposes of legitimate interests (so-called conventional direct marketing and business messaging, fraud prevention and/or protection against misuse of our services)

If you do not wish to continue to keep this information or otherwise process it, as well as for information about the processing of your personal data or for the exercise of your rights, please contact us in writing (6 Chandler Grove, Burwood, Melbourne, VIC  3125.), electronically ( or by phone (0424 178 114).

With whom do we share your personal information?

We do not transfer your personal information to any third party (other than those listed below), nor do we provide them abroad.
When processing your personal data, you will not be subject to any decision based solely on automated processing, including profiling, which would have legal effects for you or would have a significant impact on you.

Your personal data may be processed by the contractual partners of the Administrator who provide you with the Company’s Service Manager, services associated with the agreement that has been entered into between the Administrator and you as the data subject. These processors are external carriers (eg PPLs), IT service providers, and online payment solution providers (for example card payment online, Gopay).

How do we use cookies and related technologies?

Jersey53 Australia alias ELSA’S TEXTILE s.r.o. uses cookies, tags and similar technologies to increase the reliability and user-friendliness of the website. These technologies allow us to provide you with information tailored to your needs and their efficient administration. If you do not trust cookies, they can be disabled in your browser in whole or in part.
In your browser’s help for this technology, you’ll find general information and instructions on how to disable cookies.

If you continue to browse our site without changing your cookie settings in your internet browser, we will consider your consent to the use of cookies on our website.

We use the following cookies on our site:

1. Remarketing, analytics, and conversion cookies that allow us to analyze the performance of different sales channels
2. Use the security cookie to authenticate users, prevent fraudulent use of credentials, and protect user data from unauthorized access
3. session state cookies help us improve the services and user environment on the web, reveal bugs in the site’s behavior
4. Third-party cookies associated with Facebook, Google Analytics, AdWords, and Sklik: These cookies are managed by third parties and we do not have access to reading or writing this data. These are in particular delivery systems or traffic analytics, but

What are the cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are stored on your hard drive when viewing web pages, which makes it easier to remember your site’s preferences and settings, so you do not need to re-enter the data. Cookies are not a hazard, but they are important for protecting privacy. Cookies can not be used to identify site visitors or misuse login credentials, nor can they aggregate information from your hard disc.

We use two basic types on our pages. Short-term “session cookies” that are only temporary and remain stored in your browser only until you close your browser and persistent cookies for a long time remaining on your device for a long time or until you manually delete them leaving cookies on your device depends on your cookie
settings and your browser settings.)

How is my information protected?

In our company, we place great emphasis on security policy, employee confidentiality, compliance with internal guidelines and selection of contractual partners. We have a personal data processing agreement wherever we have with your personal data processors, in which we give such processors the conditions to ensure that your data is adequately secured.

We maintain the confidentiality of communications, news, traffic and location data in accordance with the Electronic Communications Act. For personal data processing, we select the latest technical means to maximize protection. We use the appropriate physical, electronic and management warranties to protect the information you have provided us.

Agree to store cookies

Most cookies are automatically accepted unless the browser is set differently. You can restrict or block the use of cookies in your web browser settings. For information on setting up a particular browser, please see the following addresses:

If you use a browser setting that blocks all cookies (including the necessary cookies), it may happen that the site’s access to pages will contain many errors, will be incomplete, partially inoperative, or will not appear in your browser at all. 

How do I tell you I do not want to be contacted for promotion?

If you do not wish to receive any promotional offers, please let us know by email:, by phone +61 411 093 546 or by post to 6 Chandler Grove, Burwood, Melbourne, VIC  3125.

Statement of use of Google Translate

If a Google Compiler is used to translate pages, it is governed by Google Inc. Terms: See

Privacy and business terms using Google services




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